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OpsPilot AI

OpsPilot AI is an advanced observability solution that leverages generative AI to provide powerful insights into the performance of your applications. By combining real-time data collection, predictive analytics, and natural language queries. OpsPilot AI enables you to identify and resolve issues before they occur, optimize the performance of your applications, and reduce downtime.

Linking OpsPilot AI to errors encountered in logs from FusionReactorAPM on Vimeo.


  • Predictive analytics: OpsPilot AI uses machine learning algorithms to detect and identify issues before they occur. By analyzing historical data and identifying patterns, OpsPilot AI can alert you to potential issues and provide recommendations for preemptive action.

  • More accurate root cause analysis: When issues do occur, OpsPilot AI provides more accurate root cause analysis, enabling you to quickly and effectively troubleshoot issues. By correlating data across multiple sources, OpsPilot AI can identify the true cause of an issue and provide recommendations for resolution.

  • Natural language queries: With OpsPilot AI, you can ask questions in plain English and receive relevant insights and recommendations. This feature makes it easier than ever to understand the performance of your applications and make informed decisions to optimize their performance.

  • Gain deeper insights into code: OpsPilot AI analyzes sections of code so you can quickly identify problem areas and gain a deeper understanding of complex programs. OpsPilot AI's natural language processing capabilities provide detailed explanations of code issues, allowing you to understand the nature of the problem and take the necessary corrective action.

  • Reduced downtime: By providing predictive analytics and accurate root cause analysis, OpsPilot AI can help reduce downtime and improve the overall performance of your applications. This translates to improved user experiences and increased revenue.

OpsPilot AI intuitive integration points

OpsPilot AI is seamlessly integrated into the FusionReactor UI at key points where it can provide the most contextual value. These integration points include error logs, stack traces exceptions as well as being able to explain code.

Wherever the OpsPilot AI link is displayed, users can easily access relevant explanations and solutions to the issue at hand.

Instant Error Analysis & Solutions with FusionReactor OpsPilot AI from FusionReactorAPM on Vimeo.


As the OpsPilot AI uses previous context (ie past chat and questions) to respond to a query, long involved responses can prove costly. For further information regarding OpsPilot token usage costs, refer to the Billing page.

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