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FusionReactor tracks many types of instrumentation data, which can broadly be broken down into metrics:

Resource information


memory spaces and CPU information


DB time and rows returned

Transaction information



Transactions track the start and end of an operation as well as additional meta data associated with the operations. 

Example transactions

WebRequests, JDBC transactions, MongoDB and Hibernate calls etc.

FR tracked lists

FusionReactor tracks these unique types (flavors of transactions) into discrete lists.  This allows the user to view the transactions of a specific type.

FusionReactor tracks two unified lists of transactions (new as of FusionReactor 7.1.0.)  These lists are defined as:

Root Transactions

Root Transactions are all top level / root transactions, i.e. they have no parent transactions.  This usually denotes that this is the start of an operation which FusionReactor monitors.

All Transactions

All Transactions are all the transactions which FusionReactor tracks, this includes Root Transactions and all their child / sub transactions.

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