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Preconfigured archives

Using the preconfigured installer

There is a separate installer for Windows and Unix (Linux and MacOS) platforms.


As of FusionReactor version 8.1.0 there are no 32 bit installers available. To install FusionReactor on 32 bit systems you must manually install FusionReactor.


File URL
Preconfigured Archive, No JRE, Windows
Preconfigured Archive, No JRE, Linux, Mac OS FusionReactor_unix_nojre.tar.gz
Platform Installer name To run
Windows 1. Extract

2. Navigate into the Extracted FusionReactor Directory

3. Run Start.bat
Unix (Linux and Mac) FusionReactor-unix-nojre.tar.gz 1. Extract FusionReactor-unix-nojre.tar.gz

2. Navigate to the extracted fusionreactor directory

3. Run

After running the start command, a FRAM instance will have started on port 8087 of the server. When running you can access the instance manager on any IP address from your browser, for example:


You are prompted to enter a password for the FusionReactor instance the first time you access the Instance Manager.


Installing the FRAM service of FusionReactor is only part of the install process. The FRAM will installation will give you access to the Instance Manager and Enterprise Dashboard, which you must then use to install FusionReactor onto your Application Servers. To continue the installation see Configuring a FusionReactor instance in FRAM

Upgrading a preconfigured installation

To update the preconfigured installer, replace the FusionReactor files on the local file system with the updated versions.


Upgrading the FRAM Service does not upgrade the instances of FusionReactor on your Application Server. This is done to prevent FusionReactor restarting your applications when an upgrade is performed. Go to the Instance Manager and upgrade each instance individually.

To do this you should:

  1. Download the FusionReactor Single Jar and Debug Native Libraries (All Platforms) zip file.
  2. Navigate to the FusionReactor directory.
  3. Stop the FRAM service.
  4. Navigate to the etc > lib directory of FusionReactor.
  5. Remove any existing files.
  6. Place a copy of the fusionreactor.jar and extracted debug libraries in this directory.
  7. Navigate to the instance > FRAM directory of FusionReactor.
  8. Place a copy of the fusionreactor.jar file in this directory.
  9. Start the FRAM service.

Following this process will update the version of FusionReactor running in the preconfigured installer.

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