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The time picker allows users to select the time period they are interested in within certain areas of FusionReactor Cloud. The time picker can be accessed from any screen where it's supported by either:

Context menu


The context menu allows refreshing of data for the current time frame, access to some predefined time ranges, control of the refresh interval and access to the time picker configuration options

Refresh interval

The refresh interval controls how often FusionReactor Cloud should poll for new data.

Configuration options


The time picker configuration options gives access to a more complete set of configuration options including: more predefined quick ranges as well as the ability to manually select both the start and end, time and date.

From here it is also possible to override the timezone that is used across the application.

Changing the timezone will adjust all dates and times across the application to the newly selected timezone - but the locale (format) will remain the same. The time picker uses the browser locale for formatting dates and times.

Quick select


The quick select allows the quick selection of a time frame by parsing a human readable sentence.

Some examples of the keywords that are available include:

  • today - data from today
    • e.g. today
  • yesterday - data from yesterday
    • e.g. yesterday
  • this - week or month
    • this month
  • last - selects data from the last period until now
    • last 7 days
  • previous - selects data from the previous full period, week or month
    • previous month
  • between - between two dates
    • between three days ago and yesterday
  • from - starts a time selection
    • from yesterday at 2pm until today at 11am
  • around - used in combination with another keyword such as today to show data 60 mins before and 60 mins after a certain time
    • e.g. yesterday around 2pm

When a time frame has been correctly parsed, a green tag is created from the input, the time frame can then be chosen by pressing Enter a final time.


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