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Semantic Span Attributes

Attribute Key/Name Attribute Value Obfuscated/Unset when -Dfr.observability.trace.attributes.semantics.obfuscation.enabled=true Remote hostname. True
net.peer.port Remote port. True
db.statement The database statement being executed. Will be {HTTP method} {URL path} False
db.system Name of the database system being used. In this case, elasticsearch. False
db.operation The database operation being executed as uppercase. This is the HTTP method, e.g. PUT,... False
db.elasticsearch.index The elasticsearch index being executed against. False

Span Name

Span names for elasticsearch transaction spans are the HTTP method associated with the Database operation. e.g PUT.

Things to be aware of

  • The db.elasticsearch.index attribute may sometimes not be present and other times may contain multiple values.
  • Async Elasticsearch requests can have a callback span.
  • Use the subFlavour span attribute to gain greater insight into the type of elasticsearch command is being executed.
  • Tracing may not be supported for versions of Elasticsearch above 7.13.4

Properties for ElasticSearch

There are no system properties that are specific to Elasticsearch. Check the attributes page for general properties that affect Elasticsearch.

Example Span

Brief example of an Elasticsearch span.