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Console installer

Using the full installer in console mode

It is possible to use the FusionReactor installer without a GUI by starting it in console mode.

To run the installer in console mode you can append "-c" to the run command, for example:

start /wait FusionReactor_windows-x64.exe -c
sh ./ -c
hdiutil mount FusionReactor_macos_6_0_0.dmg /dev/disk1 /Volumes/FusionReactor
/Volumes/FusionReactor/FusionReactor\ -c


In order to use the console installation on Linux, the libfontconfig package must be installed onto the server. This package is available in all major package managers such as apt, yum and dnf. If the package is not installed you will see an error similar to:

    Unpacking JRE ...
    Starting Installer ...
    An error occurred:
    java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException
    Error log: /tmp/install4jError2433237224578255824.log

When running the installer you will be prompted to input the same information as you would when using the GUI installer. Upon completion of the console installation, the FRAM instance will be available at {hostname}:{FRAM port}.


Installing the FRAM service of FusionReactor is only part of the install process. The FRAM will installation will give you access to the Instance Manager and Enterprise Dashboard, which you must then use to install FusionReactor onto your Application Servers. To continue the installation see Configuring a FusionReactor instance in FRAM

Using the Uninstaller in console mode

There is an uninstaller located at the root of the FusionReactor directory.

To run the uninstaller in console mode you can append "-c" to the run command, for example:

cd C:\FusionReactor
start /wait uninstall.exe -c
cd /opt/fusionreactor/
sh ./ -c
cd /Applications/FusionReactor
./FusionReactor\ -c


We strongly recommend that you uninstall your existing FusionReactor instances before uninstalling FusionReactor.

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