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Trans. By Mem

Transactions > Trans. By Mem, (Transactions by Memory) will show a list of all JDBC transaction in a sequential order that have used the highest amount of memory on this instance.

An example of this page can be seen below with the JDBC Statement data obfuscated.

Highest Memory Usage Transactions Table

This is the main content of this page. This is a summary list of the currently stored transaction of the selected type.

Name Description
Finished This is the time at which this transaction finished.
Status / Type This is the status of the transaction, this will typically be Finished. The type of the transaction is also displayed here, as well as any protection contributed statues.
App / Txn The application in which the request occurred from or to.
ID / Thread This is the per type transaction ID, and the Thread name that this transaction ran on.
Description / URL / Statement This is the description of the transaction, this defined by the user when the transaction is created for user defined transaction. This column also contains the details of contexts that are held on this transaction. Depending on the flavor of the transaction, you will see either Description, URL or Statement.
Memory Used (B) The amount of memory that the transaction has used.

Clearing Transaction History

On the menu bar, in the top right of the page there exists a 'Clear History' button. Upon clicking this button the page you are on will be cleared and any information on it will be deleted.

Button Name Description
Clear History Clicking this button will clear the page of all requests and its history

Refreshing the Page

At the top of the page you will see the standard page header. At any time you can click the refresh button to update the main content. Alternatively, you can select a time period from the drop-down selection to be able to update the content automatically. Selecting "None" from the drop-down box will stop the automatic refresh, and will require you to manually refresh the page to see any new requests.