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Ingesting data into the FusionReactor Cloud.

Ingest data into FusionReactor using the Grafana agent in Docker from FusionReactorAPM on Vimeo.

Setting up the Grafana Agent

This is a simple procedure that gives additional insight into your product and the metrics it produces, so you can quickly investigate and pinpoint issues. Scraped metrics are available in both Explore and the Integrations Dashboards within the FusionReactor Cloud.

Example: Using Docker with two containers (one for the Grafana agent, and the other with the MySQL database)


The Docker example below uses files from the Grafana source code GitHub.

Configure the Grafana Agent

Step 1: Access your agent.yaml configuration file

Navigate to the directory containing your agent.yaml configuration file.

Step 2: Open file in text editor

Open the file in a text editor and add the following section to this file, from

    scrape_interval: 1m
        - url: ""
            credentials: 7f5e1598e67524aacf90da7d8479a16f1236fe01095b081f0b684eae7570e54c4c5660b2b8adae573f860c2bca3b98b5ffe4237de2980e26d8951324ed4a9ee1
    - name: nginx
        - targets: ['{nginx-collector}:9113']
    - name: mssql
            - targets: ['{mssql-collector}:4000']        
    enabled: true

    enabled: true
    data_source_name: {user}:{pw}@({mysql-host}:3306)/
        - source_labels: [__address__]
          target_label: instance
          replacement: server-a


This code allows the agent to scrape and write metrics to FusionReactor Cloud. Copy the indentation correctly as the yaml syntax is very sensitive.

Step 3: Authenticate with our ingest endpoints.

Replace the credentials under authorization with your API key to authenticate with our ingest endpoints.


To generate a new API key, go to FusionReactor Cloud > Account Settings > API Keys > Generate. Copy this key and paste it under credentials.

Step 4: Create the containers

Create the Grafana Agent container and the MySQL container with the following code:


    image: grafana/agent
      - type: bind
        source: ./agent/data
        target: /etc/agent/data
      - type: bind
        source: ./agent/config/agent.yaml
        target: /etc/agent/agent.yaml

    image: cfmysqldemo
      - "3306:3306"

The above example involves volume mounting the agent config file. Alternatively, add the config to your docker image.


Amend the file path under source to point to the location of the agent.yaml file and rename the MySQL image to your own.

Step 5: Run “docker-compose up -d”

Run “docker-compose up -d” to bring up the containers.

Step 6: Navigate to FusionReactor Cloud

Navigate to FusionReactor Cloud to access the many features available such as Dashboards, without needing any additional configuration.

Step 7: Display the Metrics browser

Select the MySQL integrations dashboard > Explore > Code to display the Metrics browser.


Selecting, for example, mysql_up query > use query > run query will show the agent is now receiving data from the Grafana Agent.

The Grafana Agent is a powerful tool to pull metrics from your servers, and this is just one example of the many implementations to use Grafana with FusionReactor.

Local Grafana Agent example

The following video demonstrates how to set up the Grafana Agent so that it can be used to ingest data into the FusionReactor Cloud. The example uses Linux with the Grafana Agent already installed, but the agent is also usable on Docker, Windows and MacOS.

Ingest data into FusionReactor using a local Grafana Agent. from FusionReactorAPM on Vimeo.

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