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Cloud Log Multiline Blocks

Logs generated by FusionReactor could end up having exceptions in them.

Usually they are formatted in such a way that they are sent up as a single multiline block, however some servers do not provide the required formatting resulting in a stack trace exception sent as multiple logs.

We provide you with the capability to design your own rules for rolling up multiple logs into one message before they are sent up in the observability chain. They can be specified on FusionReactor and scraped logs. It is possible to set multiple rules for multiple filesets. The higher the rule is in the table the higher the priority it will have, i.e. Rule 1 supersedes Rule 2.

You can specify the logs that will be inspected, how to identify a log start and whether to look ahead and include the same style of logs or to include logs that do not match the initial one.

Consider the following log lines:

Customer 1 order_no 529348, order_line 2384, item 2452 
Customer 2 order_no 324525, order_line 2345, item 4523
order_no 324525, order 2345, item 4524
order_no 324525, order 2345, item 4525
You can specify the following rule so customer 2 order would be rolled up into a single line:

Logs Filepaths Regex Pattern Positive Lookahead
/path/to/*.log Customer \d .* false
Alternatively if you switch the positive lookahead to true Customer 1 and 2 will be rolled up into a single message.

For hints on specifying logfile patterns see Logging Regex Pattern Hints